Xena GPS GSM Tracking Unit
Virtual SIM Server
Taros GSM Gateway

Xena GPS Tracker and SMS Controller

The Xena GPS Tracker is basically two products in one
Vehicle Tracker and SMS Controller!

The Vehicle Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking
Busiraks will assist with the integration into existing enterprise applications
and services. Easy setup of parameters with USB interface

SARS Logbook
Keeps track of all your trips and saves the start and end coordinates, distance, time and maximum speed.

Receive warnings when exceeding the speed limit on the internal buzzer.
Monitor car battery Voltage
Internal and external temperature probe
Remote vehicle immobilisation via SMS
Internal accelerometer can be used to detect if vehicle is stolen
(movement without starting the engine)

Tracking Solutions.

The SMS Controller

Receive SMS alert when your alarm is triggers
Remote arm and disarm your alarm
Add a siren and IR passives to function as a stand-alone alarm
Detect if intruder tampers with your alarm
Make sure your garage door/gate motor is closed when on holiday
Get notified on:
Electric fence tamper
Cable theft
Movement detected on unit

Temperature Monitor
Monitor fridges, freezers, swimming pool, cabins, house, wine cellar etc. with built in internal and external temperature probe (-25c to 125c)
Get SMS alert on mains failure and UPS Status
Ideal for server room monitoring

Control gate via SMS/missed call
Switch on lights when you're close to home
Switch off pumps if dam full
Switch on central heating if temperature is too low
Switch on air conditioner if temperature is too high

Save Electricity
On holiday and forgot to turn off your geyser? No problem! Send an SMS to switch it off and on again when you on your way back
Use as a timer for geyser, lights, etc.

SMS Controller Solution.

Boring technical stuff.