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Taros GSM Gateway

Due to the flexibility of the Taros GSM Gateway, a tailor made package can be provided to suit your company's needs. The Taros Gateway is compatible with all PABX Telephone systems and IP gateways and has been proven to be one of the finest gateways in the industry, it has revealed remarkable performance and endurance at numerous large corporate clients.

Value added features

With the flexible hardware configuration you could e.g. start with 1 x E1 interface and 32 GSM Channels, this can then be expanded / upgraded to 2 x E1 interfaces with 60 GSM Channels on the same unit, making it very cost effective.

Upgrade to 2 x Dual E1 interfaces (4 x E1) this enables you to scan 2 x PSTN (Telkom) lines.

The Taros scanning (transparent) setup process works as follows:
The unit can be connected between the PABX and your landline (e.g. Telkom/PSTN). When making a call, the Taros examines the digits to determine whether it is a landline or cellular call taking over the LCR from the PABX.
If it is a landline number, the Taros passes the call through to Telkom/PSTN, but if it’s a cellular call, it re-routes the call to the most cost-effective cellular network (e.g. Vodacom, MTN or CellC) making it universal for any Routing requirement.
Further more there is the four SIM cards per channel feature,this allows you to install up to 128 SIM cards in to a 32 channel Gateway or 256 on 60 channels.
Very flexible routing tables allowing controlling SIM-usage accurately and efficiently.

Routing by: prefix, time and date; SIM port usage (load balancing); ported number information, this means that the TAROS will specify which network the call is indented for i.e. Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C etc.

Number portability:

The Taros also caters for number portability (integrated database) and can manage it automatically with daily update via GPRS or Ethernet.

Fault reporting:
Built in SMS fault reporting system (PRI failure, no calls made, etc.) The unit will report faults via SMS to designated users.

Management Interface:

The graphical management user interface runs in Windows to assist technicians with proper management. The software allows you to view statistics and reports, live traffic monitoring ASR, statistics and CDR’s. All reports can be extracted to CSV file format. This user interface provides Ethernet, GPRS and USB connectivity, remote firmware upgrades is possible via remote connection.

Technical specifications:

Full ISDN/PRI compatibility according to European standards.