Xena GPS GSM Tracking Unit
Virtual SIM Server
Taros GSM Gateway

SMS Controller


You can monitor all your SMS Controller live on the web platform
It also stores the history and shows you the data in a graph format
This enables you to see if your gate is open or closed
and also when your gate was opened and how log it was open
You can do the same with you alarm "on/off", Garage door, Alarm triggered, etc.

Temperature Monitor

Monitor fridges, freezers, swimming pools, cabins, Home, wine cellar etc.
With the optional external temperature probe (-25° C to 125° C)
This data can also be transmitted to the web platform.
So you are able to monitor the tempratures (current and history)
of your wine cellar or server room mabe.
You can also setup alerts via Email or SMS when the temprature
rises or goes below a certain temprature

Online Demo:

You can logon to www.protelematics.com
User name: demo_ccontrol
Password: demo_control

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