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Virtual SIM Server
Taros GSM Gateway

SIM Server

The Busiraks SIM Server is designed to optimise airtime burning for customers.
Instead of physically changing the SIM cards on site, all the SIM cards are stored at the customer’s offices (or any other secure location) and virtually assigned via ethernet to the Taros based on site at customers.
Changing of the SIM cards is now as easy as a few clicks on the SIM Server’s integrated web page.

Benefits of the Busiraks SIM farm:
The SIM cards are not on the clients premises, thus they cannot be stolen or get lost.
No need for technicians to go to a site to change SIM cards.
Airtime on the SIM cards can be burned optimally. SIM cards are assigned to user specified groups with options like monthly recharging, priority and over-burning. The server will automatically assign and kill SIM cards without any user intervention.
SIM Server clustering:
SIM Servers can be clustered to accommodate high volumes off SIM cards exceeding 512 SIM’s
Fault finding:
Reports showing minutes burned for each client and at what times. This makes it easy to spot if a client is not making calls.
SIM cards are also flagged: calls not connecting, GSM not registering, etc.