Xena GPS GSM Tracking Unit
Virtual SIM Server
Taros GSM Gateway

Welcome To Busiraks !

Busiraks have established itself as one of the leaders in corporate communication solutions. It is our aim to provide the industry with innovation that will always be one step ahead.

We specialises in bringing the latest technology to help manage and save cost.

Latest Development

Busiraks recently developed a Tracking Unit and SMS controller in one small compact unit. With the advanced technology these day and age we decided to use the best GPS and GSM modules. Addition to this we decided to add a 3 Axis accelerometer, with this we can detect movement and G-Force. Thus enabling us to detect if a vehicle was in an accident
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New Features Added

Busiraks recently added call-back and call-me to the Taros GSM Gateway.


Press Office

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Still Coming Up

Busiraks is in the process to develop the Unit-Case, this will be a rack-mount unit that will house up to 16 units. Furthermore on the Case we are in the process of developing a PSU (MCU) card for intelligence, Line-Scanning add-on card, E1/T1 connectivity card etc.